National Park Costa Vicentina

The Park extends along the Algarvian and Alentejanian coast for 150 km between the Counties of Vila do Bispo and Sines.
Costa Vicentina Natural Park offers unparalleled vistas of a truly wild coastline. Towering cliffs drop hundreds of feet into the sea. See vast stretches of pristine "empty" beaches, rich inter-tidal ecosystems, geomorphology exposed like a petrified textbook, and rare plants and animals. This trip is a paradise for bird watchers, nature lovers, artists, photographers and soul searchers. For all the world-class discoveries credited to Portuguese explorers through the centuries, thankfully a stunning part of Portugal was left for us to discover.

 This area of protected landscape is characterized by its unexplored countryside, where the sea and the mountains combine to an unusual natural monument.


The atmosphere of sun, salt, sand and dunes, slate ground and lime crevices, gives the possibility to admire around 100 different plant types in their natural habitat as well as field flowers ... a true paradise for nature lovers. 

The fauna is also very rich in foxes, wild boar, badgers, wildcats and hares. Birds are also a great attraction of the Vicentina coast. By streams and moist areas one finds more than 20 different types of birds such as, herons, storks, diver kings, water fowl. The rock cliffs give sanctuary to ravens, rock pigeons, seagulls, crows and many other types of birds. Wild birds like eagles, hawks, sparrow hawks, codgers and owls share the sky with thirty different bird types and where the singing of the blackbird, nightingale and goldfinch can be heard right throughout the region.



Fishing Eagle (Guincho)

Iberian Lynx